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No matter the type of Medical Waste your business may produce, we have products to fit your needs.

Acupuncture, Tattoo Artist, Estheticians

If you deal with medical waste on a small scale, you know the challenge of disposal. The small quantity of waste doesn’t warrant hiring a costly and often inconvenient pickup service, and transporting small waste disposal containers to a larger collection or disposal site is often not an approved or safe option.


That’s why we created Waste Disposal Store, to help the small quantity generators, like yourself, in finding the most cost-efficient, safest, and easiest-to-use products to properly disposal of your regulated medical waste.

Why Choose Us

No Contracts

All of our products are free from contracts. You order as often as you need, without the worry of dealing with a waste collection company.

Ensure Compliance

We rigorously ensure that all products featured in our store adhere to all local regulations, giving you peace of mind that your office stays compliant.

Save Money

We offer the most cost-efficient products available, allowing you to save money for your office.


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