Chemgon 2.5

X-Ray Chemical Waste Disposal


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Chemgon 2.5

CHEMGON®2.5 – Our patented formula that converts hazardous, silver-laden x-ray and photo processing fluids into a non-hazardous solid, safe for disposal with regular trash. There’s nothing more to buy, no contract to sign, no separate invoice or hidden fees. Replace your expensive waste collection service today.

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Our patented, in-office treatment product safely converts hazardous photo processing chemicals, including Fixer and Developer or Stabilizer and Activator, into a non-hazardous solid waste, safe for disposal in your regular trash. When used correctly, hazardous processing chemicals never leave your office.


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Choose Single Unit or Case of 4



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Chemgon Step 1


Fill with equal amounts of Fixer and Developer.

Patented mixture in container solidifies, encapsulates, chelates, absorbs and binds the liquid waste. Let the container sit over night, liquid waste is converted into non-hazardous solid waste.

Chemgon Step 2


Once solidified, throw in your regular trash. It’s that easy!


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