RxCarbon Pad – Large

In-container Absorbant Pad


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RxCarbon Pad-Large

RxCarbon™ Pad  – Sequesters and aDsorbs controlled substances with layers of our proprietary RP718 activated carbon. RxCarbon Pads are placed inside regulated waste disposal containers and excess pharma waste is squirted into a container located in the same room it’s being used in.

Protect your employees, patients, and the environment by eliminating drain disposal.

Sold by the 4-pack (4 Pads), Case of 50-4packs (200 Pads), Bag of 100 Pads, or Case of 6 Bags (600 Pads)

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  • Absorbent pad sandwiched by layers of RP718 pharmaceutical grade activated carbon to adsorb and deactivate liquid controlled substances.
  • Liquid controlled substances are sequestered whether they enter the pad from the top or the bottom of the pad.
  • Place RxCarbon in sharps, nonhazardous and RCRA pharmaceutical waste containers.


Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 13 in
Capacity per Pad

500 mL

Pad Size

12'" by 12"

Choose 1-4pack, Case of 50-4packs, Bag of 100, or Case of 6 Bags

1-4pack (4 Pads), Bag of 100 Pads, Case of 50-4packs (200 Pads), Case of 6 Bags (600 Pads)

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