RxCarbon Poly Pad

Wipe/Surface Protectant


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RxCarbon Poly Wipe/Surface Protectant

RxCarbon™ Poly  – Prevent hazardous drug surface contamination by sequestering and adsorbing hazardous drugs with activated carbon. Use RxCarbon Poly to reduce hazardous drug exposure risks associated with surface contamination, and as a wipe for spills.

Protect your employees, patients, and the environment.

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  • Absorbent pad with layers of RP718 pharmaceutical grade activated carbon to adsorb hazardous drug waste. Placed on surfaces or as a wipe for spills.
  • Testing proves RxCarbon Poly protects surfaces during transport, storage, compounding, infusion, and wasting.
  • USP <800> protection against surface and personnel cross contamination of liquid hazardous drugs.
  • Meets ISO 9073-10 and BS EN 13795 standards for low lint and low particulate matter.


Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 17 × 12 in
Capacity per Pad

150 mL

Pad Size

12" x 12"

Choose Bag of 100 Pads, or Case of 6 Bags

Bag of 100 Pads, Case of 6 Bags (600 Pads)

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